As a media technology agency we offer field expertise in technical communications. The organization consists of skillful personnel specialized in the media technology area with a great passion for innovation and problem solving. When hiring a consultant from BiDirection you get a whole team of experts.

Media Technology Consulting

We offer media technology consulting in the widest range by providing your business with field expertise. Whether it is about joining your development organization or pure consultancy we have the talents you need. Our consultants have several years of experience from the industry within system development, information systems and data integration, and possess the ability to join your projects anywhere in the process. It is more than just traditional technology consulting, it is a whole team with an entrepreneurial mindset and new ideas for future technologies.

Streaming Services
Web-TV: VOD and Live
Video Platform Integration
Media Asset Management

Integrated Media Solutions

Another part of our services is creating a complete integrated media solution. It is a pure development service for your products, as well as developing custom solutions to be a part of the product platform. We create custom solutions and integrate different media platforms for TV, press and media production companies. Among our specializations there is broadcasting, streaming services, web TV, media asset management and digital media distribution. Our partner network consists of providers of the latest cutting edge media solutions. For each solution project we work with agile methods, product and project management, as well as system development and user experience design.

Video Platform Integration
Product Development
Custom Solutions
Product Integrations
Agile Development

Data Migration

When the time comes for the update of your current platform, one big issue is how to get the old data into the new system. We can help you with this by using a highly customizable framework that runs in the background while you focus on getting the new system ready. The migration can even be run from a live system and sync updates to your new platform.