Partner Network

We are always looking for new partners to come and join our network!

We build professional networks by getting to know our friends in the industry. Perhaps we already know each other. Our network consists of both great individual talents and large scale companies, where BiDirection act as a single point of contact. We have the connections you need and we are good at putting together the right people with the right projects. Our full commitment makes BiDirection your partner.

In the BiDirection partner network you have the possibility of working with a wide range of companies where our clients operate in industries such as broadcasting, web, telecommunications, retail and advertising. It is also a shortcut for you to get to know other companies in our network and exchange ideas and experience.

BiDirection was founded on the idea of mutual benefits, where our colleagues share our philosophy in sharing knowledge, experience and personal skills. What matters for us is your understanding of a fair and mutually profitable partnership.
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Register your interest and we will contact you shortly to arrange a meeting. Send us an e-mail,, or give us a call, +46 8-6840 52 50.